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Learn 7 strategies to calm writing anxiety and start writing right now!

Writing Coaching

Friendly, fun, effective coaching to help you start, finish, or polish your writing project and put your passions on the page.

Book Coaching

Work with a personal guide on your journey to writing your fiction or non-fiction book. Plan, draft, revise, and edit with confidence!

Writing Resources

Templates and tools to write in sync with the way you think. Make friends with your Muse for less fighting and more writing!


What my clients are saying
  • THE SESSION WAS EMPOWERING! It was IMMENSELY helpful in helping me further my thoughts, think along clear lines, elaborate on previously unformed ideas, and actually find order within the chaos. It was literally like a conjurer making something concrete out of nothing! Simply put, my project would never have gotten off the ground, let alone be something really worthwhile and rewarding!!
    Ruchi RaiEducator, Author, & Speaker
  • I had an important public speaking event and knew I needed an interesting yet accessible speech. My field is complex and emerging, so I was a little stuck on how to best proceed. Megan asks the best questions and has laser focus on getting the job done. I could tell that she really wanted to understand my ideas so that she could help me communicate them in the best way possible. Together we created a speech that I felt super proud to give, and it was very well received. People used words like powerful and graceful to describe their experience at my talk, which is exactly what I wanted! Megan’s understanding of what it’s like to struggle to write helped put me at ease, and she made the writing process so accessible. I felt super supported. I would recommend Megan to learners of all ages, and to anyone who needs help with anything written. I just wish I’d sought her out sooner!
    Jade RiveraEducation Innovator & Author
  • I struggled to write a professional bio for my business that said everything I needed to convey without droning on and on. Megan’s Build a Better Bio Resource helped me pull together my experience and passion just perfectly. And it was quick and easy to use. Now I have a great bio that represents who I am and what I do.
    Heather MorenoWeight Breakthrough Coach, Author, & Speaker
7 Strategies to Calm Writing Anxiety and Start Writing Right Now
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