Hi, I’m Megan.

I want you to be able to write what you want, when you want, with confidence and enjoyment. 

I believe that the more you can relax around writing, the more it will work for you.

I’m not trying to tell you writing is easy. I know it’s not. I know it can be a struggle in the deepest part of us.

But I have a secret weapon: I have Writing X-ray Vision. I know how to see through your writing challenges to the thinking style behind them, and then show you how to use that thinking style.

Show me your struggle, and I’ll show you your strength.  

Once you know your writing process, everything changes. (Trust me! I’ve been on both sides of this!)

My (Writing) Process of Trial and Error

I was very fortunate growing up. I was immersed in language and told from a young age that I had a talent for writing. I loved creating stories, poems, reflections, and even jokes and puns. Words came to me easily. Language was where I lived.

Until I got to college, and writing betrayed me.

In high school, I had always turned in first drafts of essays that I had written in the wee hours of the morning before the deadline. I never revised my work. I barely proofread! My facility for language masked my extreme lack of coherence. 

When I began my degree in philosophy, reading the Great Books at St. John’s College, I suddenly cared about the papers I wrote! I wanted to express my ideas clearly and concisely. Instead, I was writing awful, tangled messes of papers. I would get lost in my own thoughts and write myself in circles. Can you relate?

The problem was I didn’t have the skills to organize my ideas, plan my paragraphs, or edit my drafts.   

I didn’t know it at the time, but what I was learning in college — as I struggled to think and write my way through Aristotle, Tolstoy, Kant, and Kierkegaard — was my own writing process.

Up until then, I had only been good at one part of writing: drafting. Well, and procrastinating. I was good at the procrastinating part of writing, too.

Having to build my own writing process involved a lot of trial and error. It started with incessantly bugging the student writing assistants and having regular essay conferences with my patient professors.

It continued when I graduated and started teaching. I ate up all the information about writing I could find. I took courses for teaching language remediation and worked with students who had learning disabilities. I taught and tutored high-achieving students at exclusive private schools.

I combined multi-sensory techniques with a conceptual approach to the writing process. Graphic organizers, mnemonics, checklists, goofy stories — I used everything I could think of to teach writing.

How I Found My Calling

When I started my writing coaching practice 11 years ago, I didn’t say, “OK, I’m going to figure out every single aspect of the writing process from back to front and make a gajillion resources.”

My goal was just to prevent other people from feeling as lost and as helpless about writing as I had felt in college. I was making the tools that I wished I had had.

Over the years, working with so many different writers on so many different projects has given me countless insights into all the different ways people’s brains work. Which of course leads me to make even more resources! I’ve created a Writing Toolbox filled to the brim with techniques, strategies, resources, word lists, and step-by-step recipes for every kind of writing.  

And of course, looking for the right tools has trained me to love experimenting. As a writing coach, a big part of my job is to model for my clients how to be chill about writing. How to dial down the stress so that they can dial up the creativity.

My mission is to help you enjoy expressing yourself!

When a business writing client comes to me and tells me she hates writing, and then in the middle of the session yells out, “Oh my God! This is so fun!” — well, that’s when I know I’ve found my calling.

What I Do

I help you discover your personalized writing process. I see your obstacles and hand you the right tools to break them down. I see your strengths and help you shore them up. I provide the scaffolding you need to build your writing skills and discover your voice.

My superpower is breaking down big writing goals into small writing steps.

I listen deeply with patience and compassion — to what you’re saying and what you’re not. To what you’re afraid to say because you were always taught not to toot your own horn. And to what you’re trying to say, what is on the tip of your brain, but is just outside the reach of your words.

I help you sneak up on your most elusive ideas and pounce on them.

I become your writing concierge, bringing you exactly what you need to draft, revise, and edit. I show you options and help you track what works. I ask you questions and get you to think about what you really want so that your writing is always improving.

I hold you accountable so you can finish writing by your deadline. I help you overcome procrastination and work through perfectionism.

What I Want to Help You Do

  • Write your novel. You know, the one you’ve been thinking about for ages. The one that keeps you up at night thinking, “If only I knew how to make this happen…”
  • Nail your next professional presentation so you can showcase your passion, commitment, and brilliance.
  • Plan and polish your website copy, newsletter, or bio so that they tell your sparkly story, not just the dull facts that don’t do justice to your true magic.
  • Write with confidence and ease, shushing those doubting voices that say, “I’m just not a good writer” or “I just don’t have time or energy to write.”
  • Put your thinking style to work for you by giving you practical tools to jump-start inspiration. I want to give you the unlisted number of your Writing Muse so you can call her up whenever you like and get her to work for you!

Schedule a free consultation. 

Some More About Me:

  • I love cooking.
  • I think in metaphors.
  • If I want to explain something, it will most likely be in terms of a cooking metaphor. 🙂
  • My husband has an incredibly green thumb and could easily turn our entire yard into a vegetable Eden. But I am the stubborn family gardener, struggling to keep alive a small assortment of green thcaptain-svaings.
  • I think meditating is the best thing since sliced bread. Well, actually, since before sliced bread.
  • I love coffee. I sometimes fall asleep fantasizing about my first rich cup of joe in the morning.
  • My alter-ego is Captain Subject-Verb Agreement. My friends made me this picture.
  • Every year I write a book for my fabulous niece for her birthday. She’s my favorite writing motivation!

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