Talk to Write Coaching Session

You’re an expert in your field. You’re passionate and professional. 

But when you sit down to write, it’s like a draft of cold air extinguishes your inner fire.

You wish you had a friend in your corner. Someone to help you figure out what to write, how to write it, and how to make the whole process less painful.

[section background_image=”” text_color=”#000000″ background_color=”#2fd4ed”]Allow me to be your personal tour guide as you talk your way through your writing project.[/section]

We’ll start by wrangling your ideas and making them hold still so you can get a good look at what you really want to say.

Then, I’ll give you all the secrets and strategies you need to successfully structure your ideas.

You’ll get a personalized writing plan so you stay on track and meet your deadline.

And you’ll walk away with with a professionally polished and proofread piece that you’re proud to share.

I’ll listen deeply to what you say and also to what you mean.

I’ll ask you just the right questions to get your thoughts moving in the direction you want. When you speak your ideas aloud, your creativity flows freely and your best ideas rise to the surface.

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A Talk to Write Session is perfect for creating an impressive…

  • Professional bio or summary
  • About page
  • Cover letter
  • Business letter
  • Speech
  • Report
  • Newsletter
  • Editorial or article


Here’s what’s included in a Talk to Write Session:

Quick Survey

I promise that this will be brief and get straight to the point. (Heck, there will even be some multiple choice to make it as painless as possible.) But when I know a bit about your project and about you, we can jump right in with the good stuff and I can tailor my support to your unique needs.

75-Minute Writing Workshop Call & Writing Plan

We’ll talk by phone for an hour and fifteen minutes so I can draw out your idea one insightful question at a time. I’ll be taking notes in our Workshop Space so that you can see your ideas on paper without your having to write them. This is the most powerful way to free up your thinking and let it really flow. Once your ideas are out of your head and on the page, we’ll come up with your personalized Writing Plan so you know exactly what to do after our call.

Detailed Feedback & Resources

Once you’ve used your Writing Plan to create your draft, I’ll offer you detailed comments about what’s working, what’s not, and why. I’ll suggest edits and show you examples so you make revisions with confidence.  I’ll also send you resources that will make it easier and more inspiring to make your revisions.

Follow-Up Call

Once you receive your feedback, you might have additional questions or want to talk through a few options. Our 20-minute follow-up call gives you a chance to bounce ideas off of me, or to ask for additional suggestions in places where you might still be unsure.

Final Proofread

If your writing will be published, even on the web, you want it to be flawless. I’ll proofread your final draft for typos, spelling snafus, and grammar gaffes. You’ll feel confident about your final copy, knowing that it reflects your best thinking and is polished and professional.

I’ll help you put your best ideas on paper so your inner sparkle shines through.

Investment: $149

Ready to get the support you need to make your writing shine?

  1. Make your payment.
  2. Grab the time you want for your Writing Workshop Call right here.
  3. Within 24 hours you’ll receive the Quick Survey. Fill it out, and you’re good to go!

[quote author=”Ruchi Rai, author and speaker” source=””]THE SESSION WAS EMPOWERING! It was IMMENSELY helpful in helping me further my thoughts, think along clear lines, elaborate on previously unformed ideas, and actually find order within the chaos. It was literally like a conjurer making something concrete out of nothing! Simply put, my project would never have gotten off the ground, let alone be something really worthwhile and rewarding!![/quote]


[quote author=”Jade Rivera, author and education innovator” source=””]I had an important public speaking event and knew I needed an interesting yet accessible speech. My field is complex and emerging, so I was a little stuck on how to best proceed. Megan asks the best questions and has laser focus on getting the job done. I could tell that she really wanted to understand my ideas so that she could help me communicate them in the best way possible. Together we created a speech that I felt super proud to give, and it was very well received. People used words like powerful and graceful to describe their experience at my talk, which is exactly what I wanted! Megan’s understanding of what it’s like to struggle to write helped put me at ease, and she made the writing process so accessible. I felt super supported. I would recommend Megan to learners of all ages, and to anyone who needs help with anything written. I just wish I’d sought her out sooner![/quote]

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