You love your work as a coach.

But writing about it—or even talking about it—frustrates the heck out of you.

You’ve got all these ideas whirling around in your creative brain. And it’s overwhelming to get them out of your head and onto the page.

Your messaging winds up feeling blah, bland, or somehow just off. Which is so frustrating! Because you know the powerful, life-changing results you can get for your clients.

You wish writing were a lot less frustrating and a lot more clear-cut so you could put your purpose into words and attract the clients whose lives you can transform.  

Now it is.

I can help you tap into what your ideal clients are thinking and feeling and give you the support to write amazing copy for your website and work toward having your client roster fully booked.

Megan Barnhard smiling

Hi, I’m Megan Barnhard.

I help purpose-driven coaches who’ve been building a business and making money but have had a deeper realization about the work they’re meant to do.

They’re really clear on their purpose and can feel it in their gut. But when they try to translate it into words (and web pages and blog posts), they thrash around in their own thoughts. They end up word vomiting or staring at the blank screen, completely overwhelmed.

I help them find their flow and write authentic, compelling copy so they can fill their client roster with exactly the kind of people they feel called to serve.


I’m completely immobilized when I think about writing my own story! I’ll just stare and stare and stare at my computer screen for hours. I feel helpless and hopeless and silly. I signed up for the Signature Story Package because I hoped to get a wonderfully written story that made me feel like a badass when I read it. Plus, I wanted clarity on what about me would be engaging for others to hear/ read. I got exactly what I’d hoped for! I used the story you crafted word-for-word on my website, and I freaking LOVE it.

Sara Yamtich, CEO, Resonate with Sara

I appreciate the process we went through so much. It was incredibly helpful to me to verbally brainstorm, get feedback and have your guidance. Lots of inner reflection and having another perspective was nice. I became clear about who I really wanted to serve! I would so recommend Signature Story to others.  You are fun, talented, professional, and personable. You know your stuff.

Dannielle Arceneaux, Owner & Coach, Elevated Wellness Coaching

“Megan is my Blog Whisperer.”

Anyone considering using Megan for writing blog posts, do it!  Megan is my blog whisperer. I have all these great ideas, write about them and she polishes them to be more amazing than I ever intended.  We’ve worked together for a year, 50 blog posts completed.  She’ll understand your brand and your voice, which keeps it authentic.  Knowing she has my back makes writing blogs much more enjoyable.  I don’t feel stuck anymore and I’m not wasting time perfecting my blog.  Megan is fun, witty, and thorough but the biggest plus is she adds all this extra value: keyword phrases, ideas for other blogs, what to do make certain blogs even better.  Anyone on the fence, take a look at one of my before and after blogs….and hire her!!

BJ Gray, CEO & Coach, graymatter Career Coach