Writing coaching and copywriting for people who are experts at what they do but struggle putting it into words

Go from blog-overwhelmed to blog-inspired

Get my 5 ultimate questions to help you turn your big ideas into awesome blog posts that show off your expertise and connect with customers. These are the exact questions I use with my blogging clients, designed to help you generate 6 months’ worth of blog post ideas. 

“Your 5 questions were great! I think the big thing is this: now I’m seeing stuff all around me and I’m like ‘I could write a blog on that!’ Which is what I did today and hey, start to published in 2 hours!”

— Leslie Kasanoff DC, Empowered Wellness

You love your work.

But writing about it—or even talking about it—frustrates the heck out of you.

You’ve got all these ideas whirling around in your creative brain. But when you try to write them, you chase yourself around in circles.

You want to craft an authentic message that connects with your dream customers so they hire you and get the big results you can give them.

You wish writing were a lot less frustrating and a lot more clear-cut.  

Now it is.

Hi, I’m Megan Barnhard.

I’m a writing coach and story magician for business owners who are experts at what they do but struggle putting it into words.

Whether you want to learn the secrets of writing for your business, or you want to hand the writing over to me, I’m here to help you craft your powerful message.

Make it easy to share your big ideas!

What Clients are Saying

  • THE SESSION WAS EMPOWERING! It was IMMENSELY helpful in helping me further my thoughts, think along clear lines, elaborate on previously unformed ideas, and actually find order within the chaos. It was literally like a conjurer making something concrete out of nothing! Simply put, my project would never have gotten off the ground, let alone be something really worthwhile and rewarding!
    Ruchi RaiEducator, Author, & Speaker
  • Megan asks the best questions and has laser focus on getting the job done. Megan’s understanding of what it’s like to struggle to write helped put me at ease, and she made the writing process so accessible. I felt super supported. I would recommend Megan to learners of all ages, and to anyone who needs help with anything written. I just wish I’d sought her out sooner!
    Jade RiveraEducation Innovator & Author
  • I struggled to write a professional bio for my business that said everything I needed to convey without droning on and on. Megan’s Build a Better Bio Resource helped me pull together my experience and passion just perfectly. And it was quick and easy to use. Now I have a great bio that represents who I am and what I do.
    Heather MorenoWeight Breakthrough Coach, Author, & Speaker
  • You’re very talented to write copy that markets or sells to the target audience. I thought it was SUPER easy to work with you. I  definitely made the right decision to work with you, rather than any other writer, or do it on my own.
    BJ GrayOwner, GrayMatter Career Coaching
  • Megan, you're amazing, mahalo, mahalo, mahalo. I appreciate the fact that you are more than capable to write for others but I so appreciate you giving me the tools to find it myself. Kind of the difference between giving someone money to buy food versus teaching them how to fish, grow food. The latter ensures they will never go hungry.
    Ke Kai KealohaOwner, Aloha Chicks
  • My biggest question was, “Where do I start?” I knew what the story was and where it was headed, but I needed a little help figuring out how to get the ball rolling. Not only did the call help me figure out my starting point, it mapped out mini subplots to help thicken the story.
  • After the call, I felt like I had the story in control and I knew the direction I needed to go in to get to the ending I had envisioned. Not only would I recommend a Clarity Session, I would make it a requirement. So much of where you are going with your story that you weren’t even aware of comes out when you can talk it through with someone who has experience with plot structure, outlining, and story development.