You’re an amazing coach. But writing website copy, blog posts, or even Facebook posts makes you want to throw your laptop out the window in frustration.

It’s not like you haven’t tried!

You’ve nearly driven yourself bonkers trying to get your messaging right. You spend time thrashing around in your ideas trying to figure out what to say, only to word vomit all over your website.

You hit “publish” on a blog post and then immediately regret it because you know it didn’t really get your idea across.

You write an inspired Instagram post and never hit publish at all because you second guess yourself to death.

And you can’t even count the number of times you’ve re-written your bio or elevator pitch, trying to explain exactly what it is you do and why it’s so transformative.

What if it felt easy and in flow to write content for your coaching business?

Hey. I’m Megan, a writing coach for transformational coaches who are amazing at what they do but need help crafting authentic, compelling copy so they attract the clients they feel called to serve.

I specialize in helping coaches who are going through a transition in their business and want updated website copy and stand-out blog posts to reflect their new niche and create deep connection with their ideal clients. 

My approach is gentle and intuitive, focused on honoring your personal writing process so you write from a place of flow. I listen deeply and carefully to what your inner wisdom wants to say but can’t put into words.

I developed the Seen, Heard, Sold method specifically for transformational coaches so you can use your coaching skills to connect and create content with ease. 

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Megan Barnhard smiling


I’m completely immobilized when I think about writing my own story! I’ll just stare and stare and stare at my computer screen for hours. I feel helpless and hopeless and silly. I hired Megan because I hoped to get a wonderfully written story that made me feel like a badass when I read it. Plus, I wanted clarity on what about me would be engaging for others to hear/ read. I got exactly what I’d hoped for! I used the story she crafted word-for-word on my website, and I freaking LOVE it.

Sara Yamtich, CEO, Resonate with Sara

I appreciate the process we went through so much. It was incredibly helpful to me to verbally brainstorm, get feedback and have guidance. Lots of inner reflection and having another perspective was nice. I became clear about who I really wanted to serve! I would so recommend Megan’s writing coaching to others.  She is fun, talented, professional, and personable. She knows her stuff.

Dannielle Arceneaux, Owner & Coach, Elevated Wellness Coaching

“Megan is my Blog Whisperer.”

Anyone considering using Megan for writing blog posts, do it!  Megan is my blog whisperer. She’ll understand your brand and your voice, which keeps it authentic.  Knowing she has my back makes writing blogs much more enjoyable.  I don’t feel stuck anymore and I’m not wasting time perfecting my blog.  Megan is fun, witty, and thorough.

BJ Gray, CEO & Coach, graymatter Career Coach