Blogging feels like banging your head against a wall.

You work so hard to come up with topics.

And when you do, you second-guess yourself. Will anyone really want to read about that?

Writing and publishing a single post feels like a Herculean task. An uphill battle. A huge time-suck.

And you’re really supposed to do it every single week…???

There has to be an easier way to connect with your audience.

You wish you could…

  • fill up your website with high-quality content
  • be a thought leader in your field
  • attract your ideal clients and nurture them until they become customers
  • find your writing voice and feel comfortable writing for your business
  • blog faster and beat writer’s block
  • promote your services in an authentic, natural way

You’d love to sit down and have the words just pour out of you, straight from your heart.

You can! I’ll help…Megan Barnhard Writing Coach

Hey there. I’m Megan.

I’m a writing coach and author.

I’m also a life-long procrastinator. I know ALL the reasons why it’s better to write tomorrow instead of today, and I often suffer from ULS (Urgent Laundry Syndrome).

When I started blogging it was torture. I knew I had tons of value to share with my audience, but my thoughts were all over the place. I tried plans and editorial calendars but they made me feel constrained.

I wanted the freedom to write whatever I felt inspired to write. But at the same time I didn’t want to have to face the blank page each week and scramble for something to write.

What I ended up creating was structured flow. I developed a system for planning my topics so I always had something juicy to write about.

Then I used writing recipes so I could set my creativity free and write from that tingly place inside of me where my most authentic voice lives.

I found my blogging flow.


Now I’ve turned my process for consistently publishing authentic, connected blog posts that inspire people and build my business into a system that anyone can use.

Blogging Flow is a monthly membership + resource library designed specifically for service-based business owners so you can… 

  • consistently publish high-quality posts week after week
  • connect with your audience and build trust
  • establish your authority in your industry
  • grow your business with blogging

Here’s what’s included in your Blogging Flow membership:

The 3 Secrets of Creating Consistent High-Value Content 

Master the planning, writing, and mindset strategies that allow you to find your flow so writing content feels easy and fun.

The Blogging Flow Resource Library

Have all the writing, planning, and editing tools you need at your fingertips. Plan relevant content with prompts you can customize to your business, and get all my best writing resources from my 14 years of coaching writers. Start planning your content based on your unique thinking style with the Flow Content Calendar.

New Relevant Content Each Month

Get new resources each month based on what you need for your blog and your business. Each month I create content based on member questions so that you have the tools you need to brainstorm ideas, overcome procrastination, and write posts that wow your readers. You’ll have everything you need to publish blog posts and weekly emails to your list that help people know, like, and trust you so they’re ready to buy from you.

Monthly Planning Party

Brainstorm and plan your content live with me on a group call each month so you feel confident about what to write and how to write it.

Private Blogging Flow Community

Get the accountability and support you need to maintain momentum. Thrive in a committed community of writers and finally make blogging an effective part of your business marketing. Get your questions answered in real time — I often go live with videos to help you get unstuck and take your next steps.

Finding your Blogging Flow means that instead of struggling to come up with topics, you’ll be overflowing with ideas for exactly the kinds of posts that speak to your audience and help them know, like, and trust you.

Plus, you’ll have the step-by-step recipes to write, edit, and publish them with ease.

Your supportive and encouraging comments really boosted my confidence. I can’t help but get energised and inspired by your excitement and how you show up. I love all the prompts too, which help me to keep thinking about writing and figuring out what works, thinking through the challenges and getting help to see through my blocks.

I find the post on Friday where we share what we wrote a good nudge to finish and post what I wrote. I’ve even posted my article on another Facebook group because of my experience posting there and how it made me feel. It gave me the courage to try.

One other thing that works for me is that you’re not scoldy or judgey and I always felt met where I was and that made it easier to take the next step. I struggle with so much self-doubt and self-criticism which can cripple me and my creative efforts so all the words of affirmation and ways in which you helped me validate and celebrate what I had done were key. 

Michelle T., Master Coach, Singapore


I know you’ve tried blogging before and it’s made you miserable.

It sucked up your time and energy and gave you nothing in return. Maybe you’ve tried to be strategic and plan your content, but it killed your creativity. Or you just stared at the blank screen and felt like crying.

The problem is you haven’t been given a repeatable process that gives you reliable results — while also letting you customize it for the way you write. Blogging Flow will show you exactly how to come up with great ideas month after month and then turn them into content your audience is excited to read. You’ll be planning in a flexible way that works for your thinking style while creating connection that makes your ideal client excited to hire you.

Imagine sitting down to write and having your posts pour out of you because you have a clear and simple recipe.

Imagine having your topics selected at the start of the month and knowing they’ll really provide value for your audience.

Imagine people reaching out to work with you just from reading an email because your words resonate with them so much.

Ready to turn your blog into your most valuable asset for your business?

Find your blogging flow

$59 / month or $599 for a full year

Get in Flow

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