Blogging feels like banging your head against a wall.

You work so hard to come up with topics.

And when you do, you second-guess yourself. Will anyone really want to read about that?

Writing and publishing a single post feels like a Herculean task. An uphill battle. A huge time-suck.

And you’re really supposed to do it every single week…???

There has to be an easier way to connect with your audience.

You wish you could…

  • fill up your website with high-quality content
  • be a thought leader in your field
  • attract your ideal clients and nurture them until they become customers
  • find your writing voice and feel comfortable writing for your business
  • blog faster and beat writer’s block
  • promote your services in an authentic, natural way

You’d love to sit down and have the words just pour out of you, straight from your heart.

You can! I’ll help…Megan Barnhard Writing Coach

Hey there. I’m Megan.

I’m a writing coach and author.

I’m also a life-long procrastinator and as stubborn as a three-year-old who sees that chocolate cupcake up on the counter and isn’t giving in until you let her have it.

For years I struggled to put my big ideas into words. I would write myself in circles or find my blog posts expanding to the size of books because there were so many things I wanted to share! Do you relate?

I longed for a way to reliably publish good blog posts. But I didn’t want to lose the magic of feeling like I was writing from an inspired place of flow.

Good thing I’m stubborn! My determination to solve this was greater than my procrastination. I ended up creating all of the resources I wished I’d had when I started blogging.

I created a way to be systematic in choosing topics and planning posts. And still write from that tingly place inside of me where my most authentic voice lives.

I found my blogging flow.


Now I’ve turned my process for consistently publishing authentic, connected blog posts that inspire people and build my business into a system that anyone can use.

Blogging Flow is a unique course about mindset, planning, and writing flow + monthly membership program + community dedicated to helping you create consistent, high-quality content with ease so you can… 

  • connect with your audience and build trust
  • establish your authority in your industry
  • grow your business with blogging
Here’s what’s included in your Blogging Flow membership:

The Blogging Flow Course

✍Getting Started

Learn the flow approach that helps you completely shift from slogging to blogging with ease.


  • The  3 Secrets of Blogging Consistently
  • The Blogging Flow Oath
✍Finding Your Mindset Flow

Break through procrastination and resistance so blogging feels lighter and more doable.


  • 8 Motivations for Blogging
  • Writing Resistance First Aid
  • 25 Ideas for When Blogging Feels Like Slogging
  • Flipping the Fun Switch
✍Finding Your Planning Flow

Plan better blog posts in less time when you stop reinventing the wheel and start tapping into your audience, your industry, and tried-and-true blogging recipes.


  • Connecting with Your Audience
  • Building Authority
  • Using Blog Post Recipes
  • Flow Content Calendar Template
✍Finding Your Writing Flow

Stop trying to go from blank page to brilliant blog post in one single step and learn the process that works for your unique thinking style.


  • A breakdown of the 6 stages of the writing process and how to get the most out of each one
  • My best strategies and practical steps for each stage of the writing process
  • The Writing Toolbox Template to track what’s working for you as you blog
  • Writing Check-in Questions to help you reflect on your process so you continue to grow and blossom as you blog

The Blogging Flow Resource Library

  • Basic Blog Post Recipe
  • 6 Go-To Blog Post Recipes To Build Authority & Trust
  • Revising Checklist
  • Editing Checklist
  • Publishing Checklist

New Relevant Content Each Month

  • writing recipes
  • blogging prompts
  • paint-by-numbers writing frames
  • brainstorming and planning tips
  • writing mindset strategies  
  • and other resources based on the needs of the Blogging Flow community 

Monthly Planning Party

  • A live group brainstorming call to build out your Flow Content Calendar or plan a particular post
  • Submit your question/topic ahead of time so you get my my best ideas for your blog on the call
  • Recordings available to watch at your convenience so you can submit a question and take your answer “off the air”

Private Blogging Flow Community

  • Q & A and coaching threads to get your questions answered
  • Accountability, goal setting, and celebrating so you maintain momentum
  • Weekly promo threads where you can share your latest blog post and what’s new in your business
  • A blogging hive-mind to brainstorm, troubleshoot ideas, and gather audience intel
Finding your Blogging Flow means that instead of struggling to come up with topics, you’ll be overflowing with ideas for exactly the kinds of posts that speak to your audience and help them know, like, and trust you.

OK, Megan, that’s nice, but…

WAIT! Before you tell me your blogging “buts” can I try to guess them?

?You don’t have the time to deal with your blog right now.

You’ll get more out of one hour of brainstorming with me in our Planning Party than 5 hours staring at your blank computer screen alone.

?You have no idea what to write about.

Not only will we brainstorm up a ton of great topics for you to blog about during the Planning Party and start filling in your Flow Content Calendar, you’ll get all my best resources for coming up with ideas the easy way, plus ready-made blog post recipes for my 6 go-to blog posts that build authority and trust.

?You already have too many ideas and it’s overwhelming.

I’ll help you sort through them and decide which ones will be easiest — and most impactful — to write right now.

?Ideas, schmideas. You need to know how to actually write the blog post!

That’s why I created an entire course about how to blog in flow, tackling your mindset, your planning strategy, and the nitty gritty writing. You’ll learn the tactics and tricks that make writing easier and faster. Plus, you’ll get checklists for revising, editing, and publishing your posts so you feel confident.

?You just don’t have the motivation to make blogging happen.

Hello, accountability! Blogging Flow features a private, safe, supportive community where you’ll get that loving kick in the pants to really commit to your blog. Lemme tell ya, stating your goal to other people is going to give you next-level motivation to achieve it!

I know that once you get the knowledge, tools, and support in Blogging Flow, blogging is going to feel different. Less daunting and more doable.

You’ll build momentum and feel motivated to keep things going. Because you’ll have a whole treasure chest of topics to write, and tools to use. You’ll have the concrete evidence that you can do it. Not to mention a community cheering you on!

Let’s get you blogging like a pro. 

So you can do good AND do well.

So you can build a thriving business serving your customers.

So you can own the gifts you know you were meant to share. Yes, I just went there. I just hinted at the fact that you’ve got a divine purpose and a reason for being here on this earth. Because I know that I don’t know the nature of the Universe. But I feel 1000% sure that whatever principles are running things, they want you to shine brilliantly.

You can keep going it alone. You can keep “powering through” and grinding away.

You can keep coming up with random blog post ideas at the last minute.

You can keep saying you’ll blog but not doing it.

But you don’t have to.


You can get support.

You can blog in flow, spending less time and energy writing.

You can tap into what your audience cares about and really help people.

You can blog consistently and use your blog to connect with your audience and grow your business.


Your supportive and encouraging comments really boosted my confidence. I can’t help but get energised and inspired by your excitement and how you show up. I love all the prompts too, which help me to keep thinking about writing and figuring out what works, thinking through the challenges and getting help to see through my blocks.

I find the post on Friday where we share what we wrote a good nudge to finish and post what I wrote. I’ve even posted my article on another Facebook group because of my experience posting there and how it made me feel. It gave me the courage to try.

One other thing that works for me is that you’re not scoldy or judgey and I always felt met where I was and that made it easier to take the next step. I struggle with so much self-doubt and self-criticism which can cripple me and my creative efforts so all the words of affirmation and ways in which you helped me validate and celebrate what I had done were key. 

Michelle T., Master Coach, Singapore


Find your blogging flow

$59 / month or $599 for a full year

Get in Flow