You’re sick and tired of knowing you should be blogging… but not actually doing it.

Maybe you never know what to write or how to write it. Maybe you feel strapped for time as you take care of everything else in your business. Or maybe you freeze up when you think about hitting “Publish.” What if there’s a mistake???

You wish you had blogging figured out so you could expand your reach and look like the expert you are.

I’ll help you transform from a posting peasant to a Blogging Queen so you can build your online presence, grow your business, and attract your ideal customers.

Become a Blogging Queen

$59 / month. No contract. No minimum.

Megan BarnhardI’m Megan, a writing coach for entrepreneurs who are experts at what they do but struggle putting it into words. They’ve got big, bold ideas, but they have better things to do than become professional content writers. I help them get the words out faster so they can tell their story and showcase their “special sauce” — and then get back to business.

I developed Blogging Queen especially for busy business women who want to blog from the heart to help their followers but who don’t want to spend all their time or brainpower doing it.

What is Blogging Queen, you ask…

Blogging Queen is not a course.

Sure, I’ll be sharing my best blogging tips, strategies, and resources with you so you know exactly how to write and publish blog posts that excite your readers.

And I’ll also be teaching you how to take charge of your content so you’re posting regularly, rather than panicking that you haven’t published anything in weeks.

What I won’t be doing is dumping info on you and then walking away, leaving you to take random action by yourself as you fight off an anxiety attack, hoping you haven’t done things horribly wrong. 😭

Blogging Queen is a high-energy, fun, supportive membership group that will turn you into a blogging bad-ass.

Not only will you get the knowledge you need to blog successfully, you’ll also get personalized support from moi, plus the accountability you need to actually make this happen.

Join Blogging Queen Now!

$59 / month. No contract. No minimum.

Here’s what’s included in your Blogging Queen monthly membership:

✨My best strategies for coming up with blog topics so you never get blog block.

✨Paint-by-numbers blogging recipes so you can write awesome blog posts faster and without breaking your brain.

✨Weekly prompts and ideas so you’re never panicking about what to blog about.

✨My hyperactive, caffeine-fueled, mile-a-minute personalized brainstorming to help you choose blog topics that show off the unique awesomeness of your business so you can attract your tribe and turn them into customers. 

✨Video trainings + worksheets about all the nitty-gritty ins and outs of how to write engaging posts — like how to start, how to end, and how to choose a title that makes someone click on your post in the first place.

✨Q & A sessions where I answer your burning questions and clear up your confusion so you can get back to blogging (and the rest of your business).

✨My Editorial Calendar Template so you’re organized and always prepared for what’s coming next in your biz blog. 

✨Tons of tips & resources for making your blog look purdy without costing you a fortune.

✨A private community to support you, hold you accountable, and cheer you on so you actually stick with blogging and turn it into one of the most powerful tools in your entrepreneurial toolkit.

Ready to leave your blog woes behind and become blogging royalty?

You can totally tame your blog and start posting like the business queen you are. You don’t have to do it alone. Let me help you write more in less time — and have fun doing it!

Join Blogging Queen

$59 / month. No contract. No minimum.