Work with Me

I offer writing coaching, blogging services, and done-for-you content to help passionate entrepreneurs use the secrets of business storytelling to become customer magnets.

You + Me, Meant to Be?

If what you do isn’t a job but a vocation, you’re in the right place. Whether you sell products or services, what you really provide your clients with is transformation, hope, joy, and more than a small piece of your soul.

Because your business is your passion. You know that what you do matters. It changes lives.

You want to do more than serve your clients. You want to connect. To make an impact. You want to share your juicy business story. The story of why you do what you do, and why it matters so much. But you need help seeing where that story begins and ends and finding the words to express it.

What I Offer

We can find the right words for capturing your audience’s attention so your home page, sales page, blog posts, and marketing emails pack more punch and get more clicks. Not to mention you’ll finally know how to introduce yourself when you go to a networking event.

We can get you blogging like a boss with topics you’re excited to share. Or we can brainstorm topics together and then I’ll write them for you — in your voice, telling your business story, backed by my blogging expertise and skill in appeasing the Google gods.

We can drill down and find your Signature Business Story — you know, the one about why you do what you do. This is the story that acts like a magnet, drawing your people to you and making them feel like they just got a big ol’ green light from the Universe that they’re supposed to work with you.


Right Words Right Now

You’re sick of consults that don’t convert. You’re tired of hearing people say they’re interested in working with you but never scheduling—or paying for— their session. What if you had marketing emails and blog posts that led to people actually signing up for your introductory offer? How would it feel if your sales pages and webinars regularly converted, infusing your bank account with cash from exactly the kinds of clients you’ve been dying to work with? 

I’ll help you brainstorm a cheat sheet of exactly how to talk to customers.

Done-for-You Blogging

You became an entrepreneur because you’ve got a grand vision. So why do you find yourself stuck doing entry-level employee jobs like futzing with your blog? You wish you could feed those notes scribbled on a random receipt into a machine that transformed it into high-quality content. Beep-boop-bop. I’m the blogging machine you’ve been looking for!

I’ll write your blog for you each month.

Your About Page + Signature Story Package

Trying to write your website content gives you the cold sweats. You’ve been stuck on your About Page for what feels like years. You keep rewriting it, but it either feels completely bland, or full of too any random details that make you look like you word-vomited all over your computer. You wish you knew how to introduce yourself on your website so you sounded professional but approachable. Passionate yet knowledgeable. And how the heck do you you answer the question, “So, what do you do?”

I’ll use my Story Magician powers to write your powerful story so you magnetize your ideal customers.

Not sure which option is right for you?

Let’s hop on the phone. You can tell me where you are in your business and I’ll give you ideas about how to move forward.

If it feels like we’re a good fit, awesome. I’ll help you pick the right package. If not, no worries. I’ll offer you some suggested next steps you can take on your own, and I’ll probably tell you about the latest amazing entrepreneurial book I’m reading, and that will be that.