You became an entrepreneur because you’ve got a grand vision.

So why do you find yourself stuck doing entry-level employee jobs like futzing with all the annoying details of your blog?

You get flashes of insight and capture ideas for posts as you go about your day.

Maybe you even talk a first-draft into your phone as you drive. But going back to polish it? Who has time for that?

And you dread doing all those fiddly bits that are outside your Zone of Genius — like coming up with a catchy title, a great opening line, and the right headers to appease the Google gods.

You’re not about to give up on blogging. You’re…

  • An expert in your field and you want your blog to show that!
  • Determined to get more eyeballs on your website and you know your blog is THE best bang for your buck to do it.
  • Committed to delivering excellent content and eager to share your wisdom.
  • Ready to stop listening to crickets and start getting more readers who turn into customers and raving fans.

Which leads to your current dilemma: You want a killer blog, but it’s eating up time and energy you know you need to be spending getting and serving your clients!

You wish you could just hand your brain over to an expert who could extract all your brilliant ideas and turn them into finished, polished blog posts that would bring in more readers and turn those readers into loyal fans and customers.

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Megan Barnhard smilingGuess what, Biz Boss? Your wish is granted!

I’m Megan. I’m a business writer for busy entrepreneurs who are ready to delegate the writing to someone else so they can spend more time serving clients and following their big vision.

I help them show their expertise and tell their brand story in their unique voice so they stand out in a crowded marketplace, attract their dream customers, and grow their passion-fueled business.


I make your blog work harder so you don’t have to.

Send me that inspired, stream of consciousness, one-sentence word vomit you recorded on your phone while you were driving and I’ll turn it into a polished post that engages both readers and Google bots!


💎Staring blankly at the screen wondering how to write the perfect opening line.

💎Losing your share of website traffic from Google just because you’re not trained in titles, headers, and keywords.

💎Missing out on sales because you have vague calls to action — or you forget to include them at all!

And get back to being the CEO of your business while I optimize your blog.

This service is going to give you back the time and energy you need to grow your business.

But before I tell you what it looks like, I have to make something verrrrrry clear:

This service is not for you if you want stale, recycled, low-quality, click-bait. That you can find for pennies on the dollar on any number of sketchy sites on the web.

But I know that’s not what you want.

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You want your words, your passion, your expertise delivered to your ideal audience in a compelling way.

You want to be answering the tough questions your people ask.

You want to give them hope.

You want to show them they CAN get the transformation they’re seeking.

Because you care about your readers. A lot. And you’d rather drink a jar of pickle brine than betray their trust.

This service is for committed, passionate, talented business bosses who want all the best for their blog — but know their time is needed elsewhere.

You know you can’t be everywhere at once. (Though you’ve probably tried.)

With my help, it will be like you’re in two places at once — tending to your blog and your clients at the same time. 

Your brilliant idea + Your voice + My writing expertise + SEO best practices = High-quality, unique content that excites and delights your readers


Here’s what you’ll get each month in Write My Blog:

Blog Brainstorm Bonanza

We’ll sit down for a super-charged brainstorming session. You’ll tell me what’s coming up in your business and we’ll nail down the topics that will help you promote your programs. 

4 Custom Done-for-You Blog Posts

Armed with our brainstorming notes and my magical mimic powers, I will write 4 blog posts for you — that’s an entire month’s worth! Not only will your posts be helpful, informative, and completely in your voice, they’ll also get the Blogging Royal Treatment:

  • Titles and headers that grab the attention of your people + Google’s spiders (super creepy name, right??)
  • A killer intro, including “above the fold” hook that makes people want to keep reading!
  • Thorough polishing for style, voice, and punched-up language that nails your message and excites your readers.
  • SEO optimization for length, readability, and keywords, plus easy-peasy instructions for back-end steps that make Google pay attention to your post.
  • Internal links so readers can dive deep into a topic and devour your expertise.
  • Calls to action so your blog becomes your best saleswoman!

Editorial Calendar

Together we’ll create a blog content editorial calendar so you’re never scrambling to figure out what to write. This will help you plan ahead so you have amazing content for launches — ahead of time! Imagine leaving your laptop behind when you head out on your next vacay… 

Bonus: This calendar is our foolproof way to plan internal links that keep readers on your site longer, geeking out about all your cool blog posts and feeling like you are their brand new BFF. 

OK, great. But what happens to that fantastic, authority-building blog post once it’s on your site?

Don’t tell me you just let it sit there, all dressed up with nowhere to go? Let’s fix that ASAP!

You’ll also get:

A Custom Blurb for Each Blog Post

This punchy excerpt will be attention-grabbing and speak to the pain points addressed in your posts. Use it in your marketing emails / newsletter to entice readers to read the full post. Use it on social media with a few emoji showered in, and presto, you’ve got people coming back to your website and seeing how amazing you are.

Megan is my blog whisperer. I have all these great ideas and she polishes them to be more amazing than I ever intended.  We’ve worked together for a year, 50 blog posts completed.  She’ll understand your brand voice, which keeps it authentic.

Knowing she has my back makes writing blogs much more enjoyable.  I don’t feel stuck anymore and I’m not wasting time perfecting my blog.  Megan is fun, witty, and thorough, but the biggest plus is she adds all this extra value: keywords, SEO-ready titles, ideas for other blogs, plus tips for making blog posts even better.  Anyone on the fence, take a look at one of my before and after blogs… and hire Megan!!

— BJ Gray, President, GrayMatter Career Coach

Blogging doesn’t have to eat up so much of your time and energy.

I know you care about your people. I know you would NEVER settle for publishing stale articles or recycled fluff.

But you can have your cake and eat it too. You can have high-quality, engaging, relationship-building blog posts that totally speak to your tribe…

…without having to slave away over them.

Let me help you come up with your best ideas.

Then let me take those ideas and turn them into professional, polished, custom blog posts that say everything you would say — if you had an extra 20 hours each month to say it.

All you need to do is copy and paste. 😎

Investment: $849 / month

Ready to 10x your blog’s effectiveness while spending a 1/5 of the time?

Here’s how to get started:

1⃣ Click the big blue button to schedule your brainstorm session and make your payment.

2⃣ Follow the link to fill out a short questionnaire so I can get the skinny on your biz and we can hit the ground running.

3⃣ After our brainstorm session, you’ll go off and serve your clients, take care of your biz, and maybe even — gasp! — get a chance to take a walk or see that glowing orb in the sky… what do they call that again? Oh yeah, the sun. Meanwhile, I’ll be taking top-notch care of your blog posts and get them all polished and back to you within 7 business days. With their blurbs, ready to meet the world.

4⃣ Rinse and repeat.

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Have a question? Shoot me an email: megan(at)

Or check out the additional details below. 👇

Write My Blog FAQ

How soon will I get my blog posts back?

Usually within 7 business days (as in, M – F). If you want to plan some monster content, we can totally work with that. As we’re brainstorming, or as I begin writing, if it looks like a post needs more time and TLC, I’ll give you plenty of notice so you can plan accordingly.

Are all your titles so boring, Megan? Seriously? “Write My Blog?” Can I get something more interesting to grab readers? 

You bet your bottom dollar you can! The reason I LOVE blogging for my clients is that I learn each business owner’s unique voice. I’ll make sure not only your title but also your whole post matches your business brand.

Plus, I’ve got a secret for creating titles that’s all about three things:

  1. Enticing readers to click.
  2. Making you sound like an expert.
  3. Strategically using keywords so that Google falls in love with your blog posts and wants to show them to more people.

Is there a minimum number of months I have to sign up for?

Nope! Try a month if you’re new to blogging and want to test it out to see how it can improve your online visibility and grow your business. Or jump in for several months and let me help you grow your client load and expand your reach. I’ll tell you this, though: The more we work together, the more I’ll get to know your business and master your brand voice. I’ll start having blog post ideas for your business coming out of my ears! You’ll start to get annoying emails from me with ideas for how to write about your business on all your social media channels. WARNING: You may get incredibly inspired and find yourself writing more content than you ever imagined while spending less time and energy doing it.

Can I use this monthly service for writing besides blog posts?

‘Fraid not. The reason I’m able to offer you a competitive price for this monthly service is because I’ve got blogging down to a science. I’m happy to help you with other types of writing, but they require more of my individualized attention and customized feedback. If you’ve got another writing project you want my help with, let’s chat so I can hear more about it!

Ready to take back your time and leave the blogging to me?

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