Jumpstart Your Blog

Brainstorm with me for 1 hour and walk away with 25+ blog post ideas and catchy titles — customized for your business.

If you had a dollar for every minute you’ve spent procrastinating from writing blog posts, you’d be a millionaire by now.

Each time you sit down to draft a post, your mind goes completely blank.

Or your creativity goes into overdrive. One idea leads you to the next until you’re thinking yourself in circles, feeling totally overwhelmed.

It’s time to stop…

  • getting “blank page, blank stare” syndrome when you sit down to write a blog post.
  • coming up with blog post ideas only to talk yourself out of publishing them.
  • rewriting your blog post again and again because it never feels good enough.
  • feeling like there’s just never enough time to blog.

You wish you could write and publish blog posts, instead of constantly feeling stressed about NOT writing them.


Sitting down to write a blog post and knowing exactly what to say.

Finishing a blog post in an hour or two and then getting on with the rest of your business.

Getting responses from your readers saying “That was so helpful!”

Let’s turn your business expertise into powerful blog post topics.

Megan Barnhard smiling

Hi, I’m Megan. I’m a writing coach and story magician for business owners who are experts at what they do but struggle putting it into words. I’ll help you sift through your experience and professional passion to plan blog post topics that you’re excited to write—and that your audience is excited to read.

You’ve already got all the knowledge you need. I’ll help you get it out of your brain and organized on paper.

Together, we’ll generate 25 (or more!) blog post topics that…

  • inspire confidence
  • build trust
  • introduce you, your business, and your mission
  • demonstrate your unique approach
  • answer the question “Why you?”
  • offer help, wisdom, and hope

Then, you’ll choose one topic and I’ll show you how to outline it from top to bottom so when you sit down to write, you know exactly what to do.

Here’s what’s included in Jumpstart Your Blog

Biz Intro Questionnaire

You’ll give me some key background info about you and your business so we hit the ground running during our brainstorm session. Answering these questions will also get your creative juices flowing so that you come to our call inspired and ready to rock and roll.

60-Minute Brainstorming Bonanza

We’ll meet in a Zoom video call and have a brainstorming bonanza! I’ll ask you targeted questions that will send your creativity into high gear. Say buh-bye to blank-page syndrome and idea overwhelm. Using rapid-fire brainstorming, we’ll generate at least 25 ideas for great blog posts, including catchy, clickable titles, and we’ll outline one of those ideas from top to bottom.

Due Date & Blogging Checklist

On the call, you’ll commit to a deadline for writing and publishing one blog post. Accountability is the secret ingredient to blogging, so I’m going to make sure you’ve got it! Don’t worry, you’ll have the outline we create together, PLUS, you’ll get a copy of my Blogging Checklist — the one I personally use to make sure posts are publish-ready.

Blogging Recipe & Call Recording

After the call, you’ll get to work writing your blog post, using my tried-and-true blog post recipe. If you can paint by numbers, you can write your post! And don’t worry about forgetting what you were going to say — you’ll get a recording of our call to jog your memory and re-inspire you.

Follow-up Call

Once you’ve met your deadline, we’ll hop on a 30-minute follow-up call. I’ll give you a huge high-five for sticking to your deadline. We’ll troubleshoot any issues that came up, and I’ll answer your blog-related questions so you leave the session feeling confident and ready to turn your blogging success into a repeatable habit!

You already great blog posts in your brain, ready to come out.

We’ll untangle them and get them organized so you can actually write them.

Investment: $99

Ready to jumpstart your blog so you have the momentum you need to stop procrastinating and finally start blogging?

  1. Schedule your session and make your payment on my calendar.
  2. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Follow the link in that email to fill out the Biz Intro questionnaire at least 24 hours before our session.
  3. 10 minutes before go-time, you’ll receive a reminder email. Follow the link from that email to join our Zoom call and get ready to kick your blog into high gear!

Have questions? I’m happy to answer them. Shoot me an email: megan(at)meganbarnhard.com