I’m completely immobilized when I think about writing my own story! I’ll just stare and stare and stare at my computer screen for hours. I feel helpless and hopeless and silly. I signed up for the Signature Story Package because I hoped to get a wonderfully written story that made me feel like a badass when I read it. Plus, I wanted clarity on what about me would be engaging for others to hear/ read. I got exactly what I’d hoped for! I used the story you crafted word-for-word on my website, and I freaking LOVE it.

— Sara Yamtich, CEO, Resonate with Sara

A lot of my confidence has been restored, and it got me to stop dragging my feet so much on the revising process.

My biggest doubt was that my novel was just a jumble of scenes that didn’t really express anything.  I was in the middle of revising and the whole thing felt like this gigantic mess that I was drowning in. The call definitely helped me step back and see things a bit more clearly.  I had the elements I needed to build a meaningful narrative, but I needed to calm down and rearrange, rather than tear the whole thing down. The call helped me clarify and remember my goals and helped me get set up to go for them again. A lot of my confidence has been restored, and it got me to stop dragging my feet so much on the revising process, so now I actually want to work on the manuscript, rather than having to force myself to “get back to work.”  I think it sort of showed me a map of the maze, so now it’s just a question of following the steps, rather than having to puzzle a bunch of stuff out, which always helps productivity.

I would definitely recommend it to pretty much everyone who’s got a novel in progress and feels lost, or is having a hard time.  Formulating a plan can help so much when it comes to getting the writing done. I used to be a pantser, and I know that works for a lot of people, but you waste a lot of time with indecision as a writer.  Knowing the way you want to go, rather than feeling your way, can actually be incredibly freeing, and the Clarity Session would probably really help with that, even if you don’t want to outline traditionally. I really found our session helpful.  It was weird, but I kind of began to feel like what I felt were major problems with my manuscript weren’t really that major after all, which was a big help with my confidence and drive.

D.S. Ritter, fantasy author

I have gained more confidence in writing because I have a way better idea of how to structure it.

Thank you for being so positive and supportive during the process. You’re very talented to write copy that markets or sells to the target audience. I have gained more confidence in writing because I have a way better idea of how to structure it. Templates and tips are really valuable. Just knowing you’d be able to polish my writing, then reading your input, really helped motivate me to find my voice. I know my abilities, and “great”’ writing is not one of them. I thought it was SUPER easy to work with you. I liked the way you organized the work and sent it back. I like that you always suggested things rather than said what to do. Also, suggesting helps the client think of their strategy more, and their intent. I  definitely made the right decision to work with you, rather than any other writer, or do it on my own.

BJ Gray, owner of GrayMatter Career Coach

Not only did the call help me figure out my starting point, it mapped out mini subplots to help thicken the story.

My biggest question was, “Where do I start?” I knew what the story was and where it was headed, but I needed a little help figuring out how to get the ball rolling. Not only did the call help me figure out my starting point, it mapped out mini subplots to help thicken the story. Made me ask questions I hadn’t thought to ask. Forced me to dig into the things I already knew, but forgot, or ignored. Things that sparked motivation and more ideas. I feel motivated. Honestly, I was revved up and ready to start writing during the call, but didn’t want to end the call. Talking made it feel real. It was so invigorating and encouraging. I never knew how just talking to someone about what I am working on, and the paths I want the story to take, could be a sort of a muse all in itself.

I absolutely would recommend a Clarity Session to other authors. I would recommend it to new authors out there and to writers who are already well established. We all fall into a funk at times. Being an introvert, I would wait it out. See if I could find something to spark inspiration. That is what I was planning on doing before this session. I am so glad that I didn’t. Who knows how long I would have been waiting, when all it would have taken was a short conversation with someone to force you to ask the things that you are probably too frustrated to remember to ask! Now, after having sat down and chit-chatted, I feel eager and ready to write. I want that for other writers. Heck, I am glad to know it is here for the next time I find myself stumped! I absolutely enjoyed our session. I love how encouraging you are. Thank you so much.

Diane Chattaway, author

Megan, you’re amazing, mahalo, mahalo, mahalo. You really dialed in on two important facets of what I want to do, how I want to do it and how I want it to be perceived by the public: the Aunty voice and that finding “Aloha” is magic. I appreciate the fact that you are more than capable to write for others but I so appreciate you giving me the tools to find it myself. Kind of the difference between giving someone money to buy food versus teaching them how to fish, grow food. The latter ensures they will never go hungry.

Ke Kai Kealoha, owner of Aloha Chicks

My biggest concern was when to have my two main characters, Ainsley and Miles, transported back in time to 1818 when the asylum was a working hospital. The Clarity Session helped me figure this out, and Megan also helped me to know when and where to put in hints about Ainsley’s and Miles’s feelings for each other. After the call, I felt like I had the story in control and I knew the direction I needed to go in to get to the ending I had envisioned. Not only would I recommend a Clarity Session, I would make it a requirement. So much of where you are going with your story that you weren’t even aware of comes out when you can talk it through with someone who has experience with plot structure, outlining, and story development. Megan, don’t ever leave me. I will be hiring you to do Clarity Sessions with all my books until they pry my pencil from my cold dead hand. Or maybe even after…we do love our ghosts.

~Alex Andersen, historical & paranormal romance author

I had an important public speaking event and knew I needed an interesting yet accessible speech. My field is complex and emerging, so I was a little stuck on how to best proceed. Megan asks the best questions and has laser focus on getting the job done. I could tell that she really wanted to understand my ideas so that she could help me communicate them in the best way possible.Together we created a speech that I felt super proud to give, and it was very well received. People used words like powerful and graceful to describe their experience at my talk, which is exactly what I wanted! Megan’s understanding of what it’s like to struggle to write helped put me at ease, and she made the writing process so accessible. I felt super supported. I would recommend Megan to learners of all ages, and to anyone who needs help with anything written. I just wish I’d sought her out sooner!

Jade Rivera, author & education innovator at

THE SESSION WAS EMPOWERING! It was IMMENSELY helpful in helping me further my thoughts, think along clear lines, elaborate on previously unformed ideas, and actually find order within the chaos. It was literally like a conjurer making something concrete out of nothing! Simply put, my project would never have gotten off the ground, let alone be something really worthwhile and rewarding!!

Ruchi Rai, author & speaker

Megan is absolutely amazing! She is an expert at her craft to say the least. I sent her a draft of content that needed editing for my website. That same day she responded to my email with a revised version. Her edits were brilliant! Giving my piece the flow and style I was seeking for. She is incredibly professional and really cares about her work and clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their writing to the next level.

Gabriela Giusta, research specialist

I struggled to write a professional bio for my business that said everything I needed to convey without droning on and on. Megan’s Bio Resource helped me pull together my experience and passion just perfectly. And it was quick and easy to use. Now I have a great bio that represents who I am and what I do.

Heather Moreno, speaker, author & wellness coach at Weight Breakthrough