When you’re working on your book, a lot of questions can come up. Maybe you’re wondering…

What should my main character do next?

Does this research belong in this chapter?

How can I make this passage more interesting / suspenseful / humorous / poignant?

And your biggest question might be Ack! What have I gotten myself into?!

A Book Coaching Clarity Session is the perfect tool to help move you forward.

In this 75-minute, one-on-one coaching call, I help you think, talk, and write past the tough places in your fiction or non-fiction book. I lead you through guided questions and helpful exercises so that you gain clarity about your next best move. We create a plan that works for you, and I send you on your way with a written set of detailed instructions so that you know exactly what to do next in your writing.

A Clarity Session is the perfect way to…

  • overcome writer’s block and figure out what to write next
  • refine your book’s structure when it feels like you’re writing in circles
  • develop a character, character arc, conflict, or theme
  • improve dialogue
  • structure your non-fiction book more effectively
  • dive into the details of a passage that’s driving you crazy
  • create or revise your Mission Statement — your reason for writing and your big WHY

Ready to stop being stuck and move forward on your book?


Here are you next steps: 

  1. Schedule your session on my calendar.
  2. Follow the instructions from the calendar page to make your payment.
  3. Follow the link form the calendar page to fill out the Clarity Session Form.

I was in the middle of revising and the whole thing felt like this gigantic mess that I was drowning in. The call helped me clarify and remember my goals and helped me get set up to go for them again. A lot of my confidence has been restored, and it got me to stop dragging my feet so much on the revising process, so now I actually want to work on the manuscript, rather than having to force myself to “get back to work.”  I really found our session helpful.  It was weird, but I kind of began to feel like what I felt were major problems with my manuscript weren’t really that major after all, which was a big help with my confidence and drive.

D.S. Ritter, fantasy author

Not only did the call help me figure out my starting point, it mapped out mini subplots to help thicken the story. I absolutely would recommend a Clarity Session to other authors. I would recommend it to new authors out there and to writers who are already well established. We all fall into a funk at times. Being an introvert, I would wait it out. See if I could find something to spark inspiration. That is what I was planning on doing before this session. I am so glad that I didn’t. Who knows how long I would have been waiting, when all it would have taken was a short conversation with someone to force you to ask the things that you are probably too frustrated to remember to ask! 

Diane Chattaway, author

I thought my story-line had a lot of potential, but I had so many questions about getting it down on paper that I was unsure if I could accomplish it. This call helped me organize my thoughts and get the flow clearly established. I feel much better about the prognosis. Helping me get my thoughts organized is so appreciated.

Richard, author

After the call, I felt like I had the story in control and I knew the direction I needed to go in to get to the ending I had envisioned. So much of where you are going with your story that you weren’t even aware of comes out when you can talk it through with someone who has experience with plot structure, outlining, and story development. 

~Alex Andersen, historical & paranormal romance author